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Authorize SIM Payment Extension – Online Finance, Made Secured Now with MagentoCRUX


MagentoCRUX adds in another securer and swifter payment gateway, integrating well with online purchases with financial steps hosted by A Transactional Process like – Collecting the Payment, Submitting the Data and Responding is made sure to be handed quite in a protective way. payment gateway serves, “The most shielded payment option that supports […]

“First Data Global Gateway” – Integrating Payment Transactions onto Your eCommerce Store


First Data Global Gateway e4, a creation of Maven Store (the leading Magento expert), is the securest and fastest Magento payment gateway, offering the greatest adaptation with “Global Gateway” through every transactional step handled on your eCommerce shop. Meanwhile, this module supports the purchases performed on site by credit cardholders with accounts of Bank of […]

Are Mobile Websites now Approaching Over Responsive Themes?

To many of online presenters, it would certainly be a complex debate to justify a title “Mobile Website vs Responsive Theme” – truly, necessitating them to know which would carry actual benefits more than another. With an advent of digital technology, the way of seeing and sharing the information has certainly been fluctuated; more or […]

Unleash Your Business – On the Route to an eCommerce

A right business model towards a start-off for any of your new venture is more likely favourable, considering what and how you are going to initiate it – definitely, along with a long-run target as awaited! A success to your business is rather accountable from sorts of priorities you seek for, setting up a strong […]

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – From Physical Store to eCommerce

FMCG products – mainly non-consumable-durables – have made their way to eCommerce, very far away surpassing the brick and mortar market; being greatly attributed to more favourable product options, prices and product delivery at your doorstep straightway!

Europa Bank Magento Payment Gateway Extension – the Most Protected Merchant’s Magento Plugin


Europa Bank Magento Payment Method extension (MPI) Europa Bank Magento Payment Method is a Merchant Plug-In (MPI) software module for Magento eCommerce that is intended to simplify 3D-Secure verifications, providing the safest and fastest payment gateway (as well as preventing any sort of credit card fraud). This Magento Plug-in is quite valuable for European Countries, […]