An eCommerce and Our Social Existence

An eCommerce takes place when the goods and services are exchanged online engaging millions of buyers and suppliers. Such electronic media offers a surplus of transactions of merchandises from commercial products to household stuffs!


eCommerce has completely changed the way that we live, talk, shop and entertain. Its anytime-and-anywhere browsing and buying strategy is just fantastic. We have big players like amazon, eBay etc. that have leveraged the market with tremendous popularity too.

“Human being has turned into a network of psychological gravity than more of physical efforts, yet strong connectivity.”

An eCommerce and We

Potential eCommerce market has spread everywhere. It is boundless and has the widest customer reach all over the world. Let’s see how it has affected us.

Impacts on individuals

Online shopping has now become a trend and more than that a necessity. It has eased buyer’s money, time and comfort. It’s not only the clothes, shoes or mobiles that are bought on internet, but evidences show that people are largely caught even purchasing groceries, furniture, cars and many unexpected things.

E-market has also created thousands of online jobs or the roles that have strong web connectivity. One may get amazing opportunities working in eCommerce website design and development, security control, product management, product inventory or sort of others. A remotely-handled work environment is created with people working so orderly and efficiently.

This e-platform has now brought people those things that once were largely unavailable or difficult to grab. Lifestyle is improved and greatly facilitated. Mobile commerce has a big contribution to digitization that has served us with a freedom of great social involvement.

Impacts on commercial businesses

With an advent of online shopping and now its excessive growth, we can see most of the businesses broadly plotting on web. They believe in their strong online presence that is widely appreciated and utilized by countless users. Online shopping carts remain full with a variety of merchandises. There are enormous types of vendors and businessmen who have their both offline and online shops. Others who have adapted to internet presence seem to have a drastic shift from physical market to online platform too.

Benefits are outstanding. An eCommerce store being solely selling the stuffs will only require a website. Other requirements such as warehouses, staffs, brick-and-mortar product galleries, product inventory control are cut off. It’s a huge cost saving. Company’s expenses remain under control, budget cleverly justified and sales hiked.

A pool of companies join together working closely. An overall cost for management is reduced. A dramatic growth occurs at retailing, allowing even small businesses to develop globally. Although major market players have a healthy competition, they seem to have nicely secured their market shares.

Changing the definitions

An eCommerce has modified many actions that would actually take place in their physical forms. This includes from searching to buying habits such as information gathering, product purchase, payment methods and even the shipping patterns.

Our society has come near to each other attached with the power and liberty of approaching our daily activities. Whatever we think is coming a click-away and that has made our life completely a worth living!


As, we know an eCommerce has secured its place all the way amongst us, one will also require good understanding of it.

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