Analytics & information

Enterprises today need insight into processes and results that will drive the right decisions to deliver sustainable business performance. Business leaders, who master
the process to capture, store and translate enterprise wide data into actionable business insights, will continue to outperform competition.

Maven Infosoft’s Analytics and Information Management services help customers accelerate enterprise wide performance through smart, agile and integrated analytical solutions and frameworks. By bringing together the combined expertise of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Information Management, we help customers derive valuable insights, make informed decisions and drive revenues by harnessing and leveraging enterprise information.

Challenges & Opportunities

Supply chain complexity:
Refineries have become more complex and the demand to run at optimal levels is increasing tremendously. Aligning and integrating operations with business goals and the supply chain holds the key to greater efficiencies.

A Standard Reference Architecture:
Without standardization, different lines of business will use the same technology in different ways, resulting in duplications and related quality issues.

Unified View of Data:
Some of the challenges that organizations face include business processes that span IT applications, disparate applications which need to share data, and application processes need to inter-operate. The key lies in taking progressive steps toward developing service-oriented, plug-and-play business capabilities.

This is the eternal problem. There is a perpetual need to build an analytics service that can take inputs from the transactional system and do analysis and mining on the large data. This is required where patterns or correlations have to be detected by using the whole data. As an example, a credit card company would want to drill down to analyze the data to detect fraud committed by one person.

Business Value Alignment:
The use cases that will be implemented should have a clear financial ROI, or a clear set of decisions that will be driven as an outcome of the implementation.

Strong Governance:
Change management and security need strong controls from above. Compliance has to be uniform across all three platforms.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

We have a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework of integration and information management services. The framework helps coalesce business intelligence, business process management, enterprise data management, integration and knowledge management/enterprise content management initiatives, thus driving down the cost of IT and providing the agility to address changing business and regulatory requirements.

Maven’s value measurement framework is based on quantifying benefits under agility (responsiveness of enterprise), adaptability (change impact management) and efficiency (optimization of quality-cost-time) dimensions and measurements across business, technology and infrastructure perspectives. We help you optimize and monitor business processes on a granular level. This could lead to at least 10% increase in operational efficiencies and up to 90% reduction in cost for adapting to new regulatory compliance requirements.

Segments We Serve

For companies to become “next generation businesses,” IT leaders must be seen as integral players who deliver on four value levers: efficiency, effectiveness, virtualization and innovation. Our consulting, managed services and integrated solutions create agile, flexible IT environments. We provide strategic technology advice in the areas of Enterprise Computing, Infrastructure Security, Network & Convergence, End-user Computing, and IT Management Consulting.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates businesses to perform management by “facts”. It allows data-based decision making that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends. Maven Infosoft helps you in your quest for business excellence with a BI-guided roadmap that lets you leverage your organizational data and listen to your customers better, adapt faster to changing market conditions and, most importantly, improve profitability, using the available resources optimally.

Business Process Management
At the strategic level, an innovative blend of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) needs to be employed to deliver a network of distributed business services (as engineered capabilities) that can be linked together dynamically to deploy an end-to-end visible business, thereby attracting early benefits out of emerging market opportunities. Our approach facilitates Knowledge retention and growth, Ability to take decision on the fly, and Operational excellence.

Marketing Analytics
CMOs are tasked with unifying enormous amounts of customer and other marketing data from the digital world and correlating it with more traditional offline tactics. And also provide real-time adjustments to both. Marketing Analytics helps companies harness their marketing data to drive insights that convert into better customer experiences at scale. This leads to optimization that drives higher levels of business performance and a greater return on marketing investment.

Enterprise Analytics & Data Management
How do you prepare for whatever’s next? Adapting quickly to change is becoming a make-or-break proposition for many companies worldwide — whether that change is in risk management, revenue stream, cost increases, or other challenges you face daily. Our broad arsenal of services and solutions now spans Performance management, Business metrics, Data visualization and deployment, Analytical processing, Dashboards and Scorecards. Maven is focused on creation of accurate, consistent and transparent data content for its customers. It emphasizes usability of data for its intended purpose and audience. Maven helps you to meet the enterprise data management goals to provide data assurance in terms of security, quality and accessibility.

Integration Services
Maven’s Integration Solutions are designed to enable the organizations to attain integration maturity for integrations between enterprise applications, partners (customers, suppliers, logistics, marketplaces, etc.) and people (employees, business users, etc.). Our Integration solutions include Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business to Business (B2B), Business Process Integration (BPI) & workflows, Composite Applications and Service-Oriented Integration. In addition, we provide data integration solutions that span the spectrum of ETL, Platform integrations, CDC / real-time / near real-time data integration, unstructured data handling and enterprise information integration.