CMS Development Services

wordpress-developmentA Content Management System is a software program that allows development, editing and modification of website content/data from its centralized interface. It requires individual web owners no more knowledge on programming languages or any other technical skills. They can maintain their sites at a very ease & efficiency.

CMS is mainly meant for providing information that one wants to present to his or her end users. This information may include such forms as personal-to-organizational information, their objectives, latest news and blogs along with the photos, videos and all possible updates. CMS works at its soothing ease for all kind of websites, even for those with the complex data & resources. It is available both as a paid one or an open source.

CMS Extensibility

It is the easiest way of making the websites, simply stunning & informative. CMS can further be customized with multiple features, all in addition to its running functions. All changes or modifications are quite possible in a way you want them to display on your site. It makes it more possible for its users to stay engaged in their tasks, in quite user-friendly site maintenance.

Who Can Benefit from CMS Websites?
Individual Website Owners: All separate site holders, who want all their tasks & current happenings to be displayed online, very on time

Small-to-Big Commercial Companies: Enterprises with an aim to have their online presence, in order to present possible information related to their services/products along with additional user-centric information

Companies with Frequent Online Movements: Businesses with a regular uploading or downloading need of audio/video/textual files

Educators/Trainers: Educational or commercial industries such as schools, colleges, real estates that require their users to get regularly updated with such info such as admission forms, on-page study tutorials, frequent events, timely task planning, latest acknowledgment, online training classes and many more

Hospitals/Clinics: Public/private doctors and medical professionals, wanting to display their services along with necessary information on various aspects (in means of Blogs too)

Travel Companies/Hotels/Restaurants: Such premises, opting for a beautiful & effectual online presentation of their tourism services, amenities & food items in order to target their customers

Social Groups: Communal groups to present their current events, occasional scheduling along with all updates concerning their areas of interest

Features CMS (Content Management System) Websites Offer:

  • The CMS’s one-source content storage facility with single repository allows an easy content reuse for multiple files & documents throughout the website
  • The CMS’s templates attribute ceaseless content control, vibrant designs, product presentation complying best with essential web standards
  • The CMS, being easily modifiable, permits web developers to have enhanced extensions, themes and additional features added to its original structure
  • An internally reused content or data clicks the chances of nicely interconnected documents; thus allowing an automatic updation to contents used everywhere in case of any changes to them
  • A superb digital media management of images, graphics and multimedia
  • The CMS can conveniently be remote accessed
  • System Admin grants only necessary access to users or web owners that, in turn, leaves your site more secure
  • Graphical workflow’s task frontiers such as email notifications notify users of their tasks’ status and their upcoming steps
  • Structural modification is made with an ease, facilitating users through convenient changes into multiple data models
  • The CMS’s frequent updates keep the system or website apprised of new changes
  • The CMS software can greatly be worked as an United Platform for more than one authorized persons in order to allow an easy retrieval and modification of site contents or data
  • Updated CMS versions offer the timely checks of web pages enabling the site admin or web programmers to upgrade the latest versions while working with the same platform simultaneously
  • Fresh & updated contents, RSS feeds on blogs, URL rephrasing and extensible features make the CMS website more SEO approachable

Maven Infosoft’s Team offers the following services:

  • CMS Web Design and Development Services
  • WordPress CMS Web Development
  • Individual Websites Programming
  • Professional Website/Web Shop Programming
  • Customized CMS Websites Extensions
  • Customized CMS Website Themes
  • Customized CMS Website Customer Support
  • Content Migration to Specific CMS System
  • Hire CMS Website Developer/Programmer & Designers (Off-Site)
  • Search Engine (SEO) Friendly Website Development
  • Online Marketing through Social Media & other means on-site/off-site

Click here for few of the examples of our CMS work.