Does Google Mobile Friendly Update Affect My Website?

“Mobile is close to our heart – we love seeing more and more sites make their content available in useful & accessible ways for mobile users”, says the search console team at Google.

Google also claims that the mobile-friendly websites will have more possibilities of getting ranked in major search engines, and

A non-mobile friendly website will be likely affected as to have a low ranking in Google search results.

Why to make a website mobile friendly?

The market experiences the phenomenal growth in mobile usage contrary to the computer users, leaving such big devices the “secondary touch point”.

With a huge flow of mobile users rolling in, for any website, going mobile-friendly is like inevitable. The global web traffic from smartphones or such compact devices is increasing and the mobile devices with massive user retention (revisits) are overwhelming too.

Google has introduced a new Mobile-Friendly Test, where one can check their website if, it is responsive or not. This tool suggests the resources that are blocked on a website and need to be dealt with.

For example,

A test of non-mobile friendly website:

Mobile users worldwide:

The graph shows a tremendous growth in the number of mobile users growing globally. Both service websites and eCommerce stores seem to have been largely browsed on mobile devices. It will certainly require the site owners to make their website mobile accessible.

Mobile user vs computers users

Let’s take an example of fishing tackle eCommerce store. Here is a breakdown of search volumes for the keyword “fishing rods” in the countries of Australia, United States, New Zealand & United Kingdom.

It’s clearly evident that the mobile devices are more in numbers that have the maximum of search queries performed contrary to the computers and tablets.

What does this statistic teach the site owners who have this product as their targets?

Well, they should first have their mobile version created and then initiate the mobile marketing strategies to complete their goals.

eCommerce has seen a huge swift of mobile users from the computer consumers.

For example,

Observe how mobile platforms have acquired a huge amount of sessions (out of total user occupancy) on a website as compared to those on desktops and tablets.

“Google suggests to make absolutely the mobile-friendly pages.”

Learn the principles of mobile site design:

The mobile uses are more result specific. They would usually try to search the products or services they want. Their website browsing experience will definitely require a smooth, rich-in-navigation and concise content presentation.

Ensure the mobile friendly websites have the below features:


Since the mobile friendly websites are SEO-approachable too, one has to build them with the best of features. If your website does not have the mobile readiness or if have any, but not functioning well, we will be pleased to serve you by developing a successful responsive website design that can adapt to Google mobile friendly updates!

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