How E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) Differ from Each Other

Basically said,

“(E-commerce) is rather a process of buying or selling the services or products on internet or telephone considering the use of devices, primarily computers or laptops (mainly larger devices).


(M-commerce) Mobile Commerce is a process of buying and selling the services or products on internet through mobile, smartphones or any other personal digital assistants (mainly smaller devices).”


Unlike former days, an existing era of digital technology is now a great comfort for one with faster and more efficient actions being held over, having more opportunities of product comparison, at the place, time of one’s convenience – which is largely attributed to internet use and therefore the relevant facilities and platforms getting evolved within.

E-commerce and M-commerce involves certain ecommerce steps like Data Exchange and Fund Transfer that is done electronically. Activities like online transactions, product (inventory) management, internet marketing, payment gateways and so on are handled with a grand ease.

Difference between E-commerce and M-commerce

E-commerce platforms like computers and laptops are seemingly uncomfortable to be moved and carried from one place to another, especially contrary to the situation when one can make any sort of e-commerce deal on mobile at the place and time felt appropriate, a real benefit of M-commerce.

E-commerce is mainly for online shopping along with financial transactions allied with. While, M commerce includes both online shopping and many promotional activities to target specific audience.

“M-commerce is rather an exchange of ecommerce activities that are done directly into hands of users via wireless devices and technology”

M-commerce may have a mix of client base because mobiles are the tools that are usually used for calling purposes along with gaming, messaging and interacting with each other (mainly on social media networking). M-commerce should specifically make sure that the performance is faster and more comfortable with favorable UI considering the clear and sufficient content & visual presentation together with a good page loading speed & navigations.


Comparatively, with an increased use of internet, we can now see a certain hike in number of small devices being used by most of us, very against the computers and laptops where they are less dominant in numbers. Seeing someone purchasing in and selling out on internet via personal digital assistants (PDAs) is now not a wonder!

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