Energy & Utilities

Fluctuating prices. Fewer conventional finds. Higher risk in deep sea exploration. Increased regulation and compliance. As the energy landscape becomes more challenging by the day, the margin for error only gets narrower. A new industry landscape calls for a new technology landscape — one that can take enterprises from disparate and disconnected to automated, integrated and collaborative; creating far-reaching business outcomes to enhance operational excellence and explore new possibilities.

Leveraging our industry insight and technology expertise, we partner with energy organizations to define and deploy business effectiveness improvement programs that help them stay ahead. From optimizing asset utilization and improving customer service to building intelligent infrastructure and complying with regulations, we help these giants become agile, resilient, and proactive.

Challenges & Opportunities

Health, safety and environment:
Enterprises need to go deeper to explore — without compromising the health of their workers and the landscape. With assets and systems for information sharing, intelligence and collaboration, enterprises can arm themselves to identify risk and prevent hazards.

Aging workforce:
If today’s experts are to become tomorrow’s mentors, their rich experience and expertise must be captured and shared. By addressing needs for training, visualization and workflow automation, IT can create knowledge minefields to draw from — providing a foundation for sustained growth.

Integrating assets:
Decision making gets tougher with discreet and diversified assets spread across geographies. Integrating these assets and optimizing portfolios can enhance throughput and empower enterprises for decision making — whether it’s zeroing in on the next risk-adjusted exploration opportunity, or finding an unconventional resource to change the game.

Exponentially growing data volume:
Real-time process data, legacy seismic data, unstructured data — data is the problem. It’s also the solution. Extracting value and creating on-demand insight from terabytes of data will require data quality control, a data governance structure and a corporate data repository.

Supply chain complexity:
Refineries have become more complex and the demand to run at optimal levels is increasing tremendously. Aligning and integrating operations with business goals and the supply chain holds the key to greater efficiencies.

Achieving information visibility:
Having the power to make decisions in real-time is crucial today. But it is difficult to realize due to operations and marketing businesses creating ‘multiple versions of the truth’. The answer? Solutions that deliver an integrated, real-time view.

Managing regulatory compliance:
While failure to comply with new norms can result in losses, staying on top of regulation and being a ‘socially responsible entity’ can strengthen reputation and create an edge.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

The Maven Energy, Resources and Utilities solutions team provides end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting to ERU organizations globally to address their business needs and help them become agile, resilient and proactive.
We partner with you for greater efficiency on all fronts, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations. Our solutions cater to the entire value chain.

We work with our clients in multiple areas that enable ‘big picture’ outcomes – from business process simulation and modeling to product evaluation and recommendation. As a one-stop provider, we can do more than designing an information management solution that best suits your needs – we can also to create a roadmap to effectively manage the change. Our services for application development and maintenance, workflow management, and engineering data management enable clients to ‘do more with less’. Our solutions for centralized portal and reporting, and SOA-based integrated refinery information enable greater flexibility and insight, while serving as a platform for enhanced collaboration and a stimulant for greater productivity.

Segments We Serve

Leverage our understanding of industry challenges and best practices, gained from working with leading clients. You’ll gain business-aligned IT solutions that meet your business needs and position you ahead of the competition.

Oil & Gas
Some of the biggest and most respected oil and gas brands partner with us. We’ve helped them face challenges and achieved proven success across the value chain through increased efficiencies, higher productivity, and ultimately greater profits. Success is the result of deep industry knowledge, local project management, and global development, combined with demonstrated expertise in leading applications

Metals & Mining
Creating better visibility within supply and demand chains to improve the response to varying market dynamics is an expertise that Maven brings from IT to this industry. Slowing world economy has caused price decline for metals, plastics and petrochemicals, lowering of equipment sales, and postponement of expansion plans by customers. Customers with projects in development are considering alternate scenarios and others are looking at phased investment thereby lowering expected commercial project returns. Businesses in the construction industry need to ensure they remain competitive and be able to take advantage of any future upturn in the market. Maven helps its customers in construction industry deliver efficiencies and achieve cost optimization in their IT operations through its IT and engineering offerings tailored for the construction industry. Our experts can assist you in lowering operational costs through process re-engineering and utilizing assets optimally.

We can help you cope with new global challenges, such as regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, green initiatives, and generation-capacity increases. We provide customized solutions across the value chain for Gas, Power and Water Utility organizations across geographies. Some of our key offerings include Enterprise Asset Management, Customer Services, Business Intelligence and Performance Management, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Metering and Data Management.