Europa Bank Magento Payment Gateway Extension – the Most Protected Merchant’s Magento Plugin

Europa Bank Magento Payment Method extension (MPI)

Europa Bank Magento Payment Method is a Merchant Plug-In (MPI) software module for Magento eCommerce that is intended to simplify 3D-Secure verifications, providing the safest and fastest payment gateway (as well as preventing any sort of credit card fraud). This Magento Plug-in is quite valuable for European Countries, mainly including territories like Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherland.


MPI is going to recognize an account number, request a card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, or JCB International) server to verify whether the card is registered in a 3D-Secure program, returning back a web site address on ACS (Access Control Server) of the issuer, if found.

  • The aim of EUROPA Bank (MPI) is only to ensure a protected payment method.
  • Merchants ought to install an SSL/TLS MPI at their servers.
  • For card authentication, the card issuers are needed to sustain their ACS through username and password allotted with; the ACS then signs appropriate result, either success or failure.
  • Customers are passed through with this signature to their browsers; it does go through to the MPI as well at the same time. ACS signature is then going to be verified by MPI, deciding upon whether the transaction would need to be proceeded further on.
  • Transaction processes (at every single step) are pretty much secure that may include – collecting payment data, submitting it and responding to the customers so far through retaining EB virtually transparent.
  • This module greatly makes sure a safe payment process, especially when any PCI/SSL compliance issues are occurred anytime.
  • While processing, the users are straight away redirected to EB payment gateway-hosted payment form (with 128-bit SSL data encryption). On filling out Credit Card details on this form, the users will be redirected to a gateway-hosted receipt page.
  • With credit card details being genuinely filled on, the Order will now be successfully created hitherto.

How EU MPI features…

  • At front-end and back-end, the EU module offers English, Dutch and French translations
  • You do not actually need credit card details on website; it is directly entered onto EB’s hosted gateway form
  • Installation and configuration is easy and well managed with your Magento Store
  • Provides inclusive administrative backend control
  • Allows speedy enabling and disabling of payment options (as per your choice) from admin
  • No requirement of a secure domain hosting (HTTPS) in order to use Europa bank MPI

Europabank Payment Method

How EU MPI benefits your customers…

  • This module ensures the most customizable, securest EB-hosted payment form for merchants
  • Order form requires no additional secure server
  • EB (MPI) Administrative Account are sent and stored with the full item details
  • Credit card details are right away passed onto an EB-hosted order form

Who should use this extension?

To eCommerce websites that ever want a quick, efficient and error-free Europa Bank integration with their Magento store – the ‘Europa Bank MPI’ stands to be of clear-cut and worthwhile benefits!

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