“First Data Global Gateway” – Integrating Payment Transactions onto Your eCommerce Store

First Data Global Gateway e4, a creation of Maven Store (the leading Magento expert), is the securest and fastest Magento payment gateway, offering the greatest adaptation with “Global Gateway” through every transactional step handled on your eCommerce shop. Meanwhile, this module supports the purchases performed on site by credit cardholders with accounts of Bank of America (being allied with Global Gateway for monetary dealings). The module will also keep serving all upcoming banks that will have an association with Global Gateway in future. Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many other are broadly accepted.


How would the Module benefit your eCommerce Store?

Any eCommerce store with cardholder of such banks will allow the credit card details being directly redirected to Global Gateway through a protected way of authentication and validation. The Global Gateway will verify card legitimacy, returning either an approval or disapproval of the transaction to the module.

The module facilitates customers’ checkout, letting them conveniently and flawlessly finishing the payment options. More importantly, the eCommerce merchant can remove possibilities of shopping cart abandonments with the help of First Data “TransArmor Credit Card Tokenization”, enabling customers to securely save their card details for any of their further payment captures. It directly or indirectly promotes an increase of a sale.

Customers are hugely encouraged with a rich shopping experience being provided with many other payment options along with safe transactions held through. Simultaneously, the merchant will also have more opportunities to increase the trade with reducing costs and minimized risks so far; understanding a real potentiality of the business.

Powerful Features provided with…

  • The module is based upon Magento’s core credit module in order to gather and encode the credit card information.
  • The store-owner can “authorize only” or “authorize and capture” the payment, letting an amount to be captured from the backend afterward.
  • Credit card information is generated directly on the Global Gateway, well adapting with PCI Compliances.

Who can use this module?

An eCommerce store, no matter what size you are dealing with, can greatly be benefited from such a modern and perfect payment gateway. A safe, fast and accurate financial transaction is truly justified, adapting well with existing market obligations!

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