Global Mobile eCommerce, Exceeding Just Greater Than Earlier

Mobile consumers seem to be broadly advantaging from expediency of online shopping – essentially performed anytime, anywhere through surfing and shopping over the compact devices such as smartphones and tablets. A millions of online merchants have hence seen it as an enormous opportunity to utilize such devices; therefore targeting apposite viewers with many activities along. With it, the Mobile Retail is now a big momentum henceforth.

Considering its evolution, the mobile eCommerce is expected to be worth nearly $3.2 trillion in couple of years, accounting from a weighty fiscal year of 2014 with eCommerce purchases staged over the smartphones and tablets; with big devices having been turned down by them – a gigantic rise as much as 213% in recent years.

“Nielsen – A leading statistical expert” identifies a big move in smartphone ownership all the way through the history; with approximately 44% in 2011 following a next stay at around 65% in 2013 and much ahead. Tablet ownership if considered with a rise from 2011 to 2013 would likely escalate from 5% to 29% straightforward for similar years.

With a hefty amount of mobile consumers being added on and on, sorts of different activities on such devices are reported to have been hiked so far – including mobile data usage, eCommerce activities and a plenty of digital moves. Device-specific consumption along with an internet use is said to be increased on such devices, with very contrary to the dominating usage that it once used to be like.

Let’s see some clear statistics of Mobile eCommerce


mobile-datagraphGlobal mobile data traffic is predicted to be hiked 11 times between the year of 2014 and 2018. It is expected that the traffic growth (CAGR) during this timeframe will stay around 61%, touching approximately 15.9 exabytes per month by the year of 2018. Asia Pacific territories and regions across North America are believed to be the greatest share for mobile traffic being powered from (about two-thirds of total mobile traffic to be generated in 2018). A majority of people owning mobile-linked devices are in plenty and yet increasing in a great number (at around 1.4 mobile devices per head with approx. 10 billion in total) by 2018.



With a huge number of mobile consumers now being on such devices at the most, mobile commerce is born with tremendous shopping opportunities yet to benefit from. Stats from Goldman Sachs say that “mobile eCommerce is expected an immense jump at around $638 billion by 2018, far bigger than what the market saw in old times”. They also ascertain that it would be rather the tablets in the coming years that will fill a big share in mobile commerce more than the smartphones.

Other facts of M-Commerce (Mobile eCommerce)

Amongst many mobile platforms, Apple is yet controlling the M-Commerce market with a share of (on iPhone) eCommerce orders being performed at around 50%, much contrary to round 30% staged on Samsung – source custora

By 2018, a mobile eCommerce is expected to be credited nearby 30% rise with global online sale; a big increase somewhere from 15% in the year of 2013 – source factbrowser

Nielsen says that about 65% US citizens consume smartphones, yes more than tablets used through at approx. 29% now. It also states that there are closely 95% of tablet users and 72% of smartphone consumes playing commerce activities at home only

Around 52% of online shoppers prefer shopping through tablets than big devices like computers or laptops; expecting to leave smartphones much popular than smartphones in the year to come

Mobile users may keep flipping over one’s websites if felt unsatisfied with; drifting to their competitor’s source thus far

More interestingly saying, the mobile eCommerce now witnesses the dense activities done on a similar ratio from both men and women; and various purchases acted just consistent with different age groups.

Therefore, the mobile devices would ever need to be more comfortable in terms of the applications and functions operated over – just to make sure that the device users would have a rich, pleasant and professional experience; yes with whatsoever executed by them!

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