Governing for the future demands transformation from public service organizations in mature and emerging markets. Achieving high performance means reinventing public service delivery—across defense, public safety, justice, human services, public health, revenue and postal agencies — so our clients can tailor the best of the private sector to reduce costs, improve services, drive new insights, and unleash technology to deliver public service for the future.

Our Government solutions unit partners with governments, public sector entities and defense and security establishments to offer IT-based governance solutions that work for all stakeholders. Our digital governance solutions promote efficiency, transparency and policy effectiveness, enabling “smart governance” in areas that matter most to citizens and consumers. We believe that through our project management skill and extensive technological capabilities, Maven will be able to steer critical, economic advancement driven IT projects.

Challenges & Opportunities

New strategies for a new reality:
When the Great Recession hit global economies in 2008, few knew then that everything would change in its wake. The crisis forever redefined how people live and work; how businesses operate; and how governments must govern. Now more than ever, public service organizations at all levels and in all circumstances must understand and adapt to this new normal — an environment of economic uncertainty, stagnant revenues, austere budgets and increasing demands from citizens, businesses and other governments for core services delivered in new ways. Governing in the new normal demands that agencies continually and proactively challenging the status quo in everything they do — from administration and operations to collections and service delivery.

Improved Service Delivery:
Riding the wave of emerging technologies, service industries have reinvented the customer experience — from providing mobile, anytime options for people on the go to enabling fast, convenient online service with highly-personalized options. Accustomed to such services, government constituencies — especially citizens and businesses — increasingly expect this same ease and access from government interactions. Meeting these expectations can bring new value to public service in an environment where thinking and working differently is more important than ever.

Reducing costs while delivering results:
Each day, governments around the world must confront a conflicting situation. Amid budget shortfalls and an uncertain economic outlook, they must meet growing service demands from citizens, businesses and other governments. They also face new mission requirements and legislative and taxpayer scrutiny. Simply put, the work of public service today is largely defined by new and escalating pressures to do better with less. What is required is transformation rooted in driving immediate and sustained cost reduction and operational efficiencies while enhancing service quality. Achieving this delicate balance demands a thoughtful, purposeful approach and a commitment to real change.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

We maintain a dedicated government solutions team to focus on the unique nature of challenges confronting governments, public sector entities and security establishments. Having considerable experience across a number of complex governance projects around the world, our specialists are able to conceptualize, develop and deliver the best-in-class solutions that allow you to meet your stakeholders’ diverse interests. With access to cutting-edge technologies from leading vendors, we provide unbiased advice to clients in their quest to meet the expectations of their multiple stakeholder groups.

We follow a comprehensive end-to-end approach to deliver a project within the shortest possible time frame. Our ready-to-use assets and frameworks ensure that our solutions yield customer benefits such as reduced total cost of ownerships, accelerated implementation cycles and reduced business risks. Our flexible and robust delivery models will assist government agencies with budget reductions mandated by government leaders. This will help achieve operational efficiencies within the present budget allocations without cutting corners at quality and functionality.

Segments We Serve

Public Health
Affordable, yet high-quality, public healthcare has manifested itself into one of the greatest challenges confronting global governments today, both in the developed and developing economies. The traditional approaches and solutions cannot address these challenges due to the huge investments and lead time required for capacity building. ICT can be the force-multiplier to overcome the above challenges and enable public healthcare to be scaled up at an affordable cost. ICT-enabled solutions help in improving telemedicine and citizen lifecycle healthcare with electronic patient records, integrated preventive disease surveillance, remote consultations to reduce outpatient visits and increased efficiency of the drug supply chain.

Our customized solutions help governments widen the tax base, prevent tax evasion, increase operational efficiency, minimize taxation errors and reduce turn around time, while allowing the bureaucracy to focus on scrutiny, decision making and other value-adding activities. Revenue agencies can rely on our services to help them develop reliable tax systems with the flexibility necessary to address pressing issues and changing demands.

Warfighter safety and support remain critical goals for defense organizations, even as today’s economic climate continues to place strain on the mission. Leaders in defense are investigating strategies that will help them address new mandates and this new reality. By cutting costs in the back office, defense agencies can use these dollars saved to support equipment, programs and new technologies for the soldier.

Public Safety
Police forces and public safety agencies carry responsibility for complex public safety objectives without compromising individual rights. With a keen focus on the complete view of police processes, technology and outcomes, we help police forces and other public safety agencies reduce the time, cost and risk associated with projects.

Disaster Management
In order to build a safer and disaster-resilient world, it is imperative to develop a holistic, proactive and technology-driven strategy for multi-disaster management. ICT can play a critical role in managing natural and human-made disasters, thereby reducing the vulnerability of the citizens to these calamities. Our disaster management solutions are scalable and sustainable as a result of its long-term engagement business models, quality framework and project management methodologies.