How Important Is Your Responsive Mobile Website?

It is obvious that you would appreciate a website or any eCommerce web store you like the most. Every time you direct on that website through your computer or laptop, you counterbalance your feels and needs, with an uncompromised site performance. All good!

How would the need of Responsive Mobile Website arise?

There is nothing wrong up until here. However, an issue, which you might not have thought or understood, may have more likelihood to rise now, and it is a moment, when you see this most likable website on any other compact devices (such as mobile (smartphones) or tablet). On mobile, you would now find it in an inappropriate page size unfitting to the mobile screen size, oversized & upsetting.

The website, which was designed for computer or laptop screen sizes (big devices), now is unable to fit sufficiently with the mobile phone. The website now requires a correction of screen size, appropriate to such compact devices, and the website, which is designed in such manner, is called the “Responsive Website.” It is now ready to go with size of every compact device, in resolution-rich with easy navigation options.

Responsive Mobile Website

The Importance of Responsive Mobile Websites

  • With social media platforms (e.g. Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) now engaging even more with Mobile Devices, the need of responsive eCommerce website is now must. E.g. A larger scale of Facebook Revenue is generated by mobile sale only.
  • With a number of vendors now understanding the need of online presence and at the same time with more & more mobile users going through their online shopping, the mobile website integration is now inevitable.
  • With a myth now being broken along with more numbers of people of age groups (45-60 yrs – quickly changing demographic behaviors) using their online activities through their mobile phones as compared to youth, their daily surfing, information finding, video/songs downloading and email correspondence require the online merchants to have their responsive mobile website.
  • With many leading industries now going on web for services such as online booking, scheduling, providing information, blogging, selling/buying products/services, the mobile site is necessary for end users.
  • Your mobile ready website keeps you dissimilar from your competitors in today’s extreme market competition. Very importantly, a survey says that around 60% online visitors or users do not return if they cannot find your website mobile approached.

How Responsive Mobile Website Helps Your Ecommerce Web Stores

  • The Responsive Mobile Website Development eliminates an extra need of developing another mobile friendly website. Single site is compatible with many devices.
  • It saves your expenses and eases visitors’ experience through your site.
  • Your customer’s digital (compact) devices can remotely access your website at anytime, anywhere.
  • Through mobile, consumers can easily access their preferred eCommerce web shops for services such as product purchase, shipping, online payment and email communication.
  • With many visitors around the world accessing your mobile sites, the demographic constraints are now broken, become boundary-less.
  • The mobile site is well integrated and modified with a network-based Content Management System (CMS), which manages the site contents easily from specific location.
  • The mobile site can fully be optimized as per various online marketing strategies (digital strategies) through mobile marketing campaigns – more visibility, more online traffic mean more conversion rates, more sale!

On top, Responsive Website Development is also approved by several search engines’ working patterns (through screen sizes of almost all devices), which, in turn, make your site more noticeable to million viewers across the globe, like never seen before!

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