India, a way to playing wealthiest in eCommerce by 2018

Indian eCommerce Market

By 2018, Indian eCommerce Market is highly expected a whopping rise in online retail sales of around $16 billion; getting in as many as 128 million consumers leveraging online buying at the most!

Rapid air stalling into with a great number of Asian consumers fostered in online activities is a big attribution to such rise. Asian eCommerce market strengthening up will truly be the strongest ties for countries like India to get largely prospered; serving online consumers with diverse purposes.

Favoring the latest news through Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), it is also evident that Asia is now all set to hit an eCommerce Market ahead of North America and rest territories worldwide.

By 2015, Asia is expected to reach $7.6 trillion with around 4.6% hike in retail sales – contrary to North America and Europe staying at 2.5% and 0.8% of growth respectively.

Indian consumer market is simply experiencing economic independence – especially, in terms of varying types of buyers stalking into on web. On top of young groups and routine patterns of buyers, female consumers are now the biggest jumps; with tremendous enthusiasm felt with online shopping.

Digital infrastructure devising with the world-class technology has truly prompted millions of internet-connected gadgets; spacing India consumers to seek the utmost quality of lifestyle through enormous products being served with – reported by KPMG.

With this, major industry players are no way away from online sale; presenting the most approachable product offers and facilities to their end users. An ease of online shopping, larger product varieties & availability, favorable product prices due to competitiveness and a lot more yet are certainly the encouraging points for them.

An Indian digital era is seeing confident economic growth; counterbalancing a great selling-buying ratio. Mobile apps downloading is at huge hike too. Market experts foresee health and fitness apps hitting the market with hefty app downloads by 2017; so are other industries, more or less overreaching India consumers.

Indian eCommerce development is secured in data control, payment options and yet becoming farther. India – with great economical development, power to resolve challenges coming in ways and quality products being manufactured adapting global styles – will, no doubts, be one of the biggest eCommerce gainers, very soon!


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