Ingram Reseller Ecommerce Solution


All-in-one eCommerce solutions for Ingram Reseller with extended ecommerce features – integrating Ingram product csv, getting additional information / images from IceCat, updating hourly stock csv, updating daily price, real-time price check PNA request; IM-XML API automated for order synchronization at Ingram.

Your Benefits:

Sell More…
Custom designed store to sell products from Ingram Micro drop shipper. Focus on sale rather than managing own warehouses.
Save time…
Fully automated process to update hourly stock changes, daily price changes, adding new products, removing discontinued products and real-time price updates.
Extended price margin…
Define your own price margin above prices you get from Ingram. Use combination of category, vendor and price range to set your own custom margin and sell more…
Connect to other marketplaces…
Feed exporter to sell your products on market places and show them on price comparison sites. Define your own format and time to create / update feed with price and stock.
Stay informed
Get instant notification for all automated processes like, Price Update, Stock Update, and Abnormal Price Detection.
SEO friendly Store
Achieve Top Google Ranking with SEO friendly store. Configuration based SEO management to get higher ranking.
Multi domain / Multilingual support
USE more than one domain name and run different stores based on language with single backend administration.
Sell on mobile
Increase your customer base by targeting mobile commerce users using responsive or mobile theme.

How This Works:

  1. Register with Ingram to open your reseller account
  2. Register with IceCat to open your IceCat account (optional)
  3. Register with Maven Infosoft to open your extended eCommerce account
Initial Setup
  1. Updates your settings and options in the configuration area
  2. Connects with FTP
  3. Imports product from the flat csv file
  4. Imports IceCat information with images
Daily processes
  1. Connects with FTP
  2. Updates stock from hourly Ingram stock file
  3. Updates price from Ingram price file
  4. New product Information from Ingram flat file
  5. Abnormal price detection
  6. Automatically Scheduled / Manual order creation via IM-XML API
  7. Sends order information with drop shipper / fulfillment center for fulfillment
  8. Automatically receives order status and tracking information
  9. Allows creating shipment and invoice automatically

About Ingram Micro:

Ingram Micro Inc. is the world’s largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Ingram Micro creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support, financial services and product aggregation and distribution.

The company offers a broad array of solutions and services to approximately 170,000 resellers by distributing and marketing hundreds of thousands of IT products worldwide from nearly 1,400 suppliers.

Ingram Micro offers reseller a broad selection of programs and services — from education, training and business development resources to marketing services and pre- and post-sale technical assistance.

To active your account with Ingram visit,

About IceCat:

Icecat is an independent worldwide syndicator of ecommerce product content and product statistics. Icecat is a part of iMerge ecommerce group.

Icecat produces millions of product data-sheets in all world languages. Icecat analyzes performance of thousands of brands. Its statistics are based on billions of annual product data-sheets downloaded by tens of thousands connected ecommerce websites: online shops, ERP systems, comparison sites, purchase systems, rating portals and other applications. Open Icecat is an open catalog, part of Icecat`s full catalog, via which the product content for 300+ top technology brands is distributed for free.

To active your account with IceCat visit, icecat.