Magento Ecommerce Development Company

Magento Development Company

Magento eCommerce platform – truly, an empowering online shop that settles thousands of offline, individual businesses to the most saleable virtual place in order to achieve the targeted sale. It is extensively popular for its scalable features, flexibility and financial convenience. It’s SEO-friendly too!

It makes the next level of development adapting to the latest trends and technology – actually bringing the best Online Solutions that the users would ever love.

Magento’s Modular Architecture is very precise to API and UX – approaching convenient front-end and back-end control.

Maven Infosoft – An Ecommerce Expert

We at “Maven Infosoft” know Magento at greater degree. We are well versed with the features and techniques to provide turnkey Magento eCommerce development solutions. The past experience and a number of projects completed is our real confidence and that makes us an authentic Magento Development Company in India. Whether it’s B2B or B2C store development, we are prepared to bring the richest experience to the clients – all through our professional Magento development services such as Magento Website Design, Magento Website Development as well as Shopping Cart Creation.

Online businesses are emerging and so is the need for Magento web development! The market trends are changing; witnessing online shopper’s varying buying behaviors and therefore amazing online marketing tricks sought for. We always put tremendous efforts to know big changes that the market always hits along; providing customized Magento solutions thereby to our clients.

The experts at Maven are excellent in branding. Our Magento development services offer highly powerful online tools to help you rank in search engines and increase the chances of better traffic, and hence the sale!

Benefits to Your Magento Ecommerce Development

  • Magento website – the beautiful, yet professional online store to buy from
  • Magento development service is little time consuming and less expensive.
  • Magento web development can be tailor-made even after shop creation
  • The shop is a true source for online visitors to review the products
  • Magento offers multi-site and multi-domain setup
  • It provides far better customization as per various market needs
  • It provides easy and quick integration to any of the third-party tools or modules (such as payment methods; shopping and shipping transactions etc.)
  • It has the safest database control

A Plethora of Our Magento Development Services

Magento Website Development

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform – rich in default features; we make a shop dynamically beautiful, content-rich (SEO-approachable) and easy-to-use functions onto the store. An error-free admin control and the pleasant user’s experience is what we always opt for while developing the store!

Magento Customization

This platform brings many enhancements and added features that we customize concerning all requirements from our clients and therefore from the end users. We make an up-to-date web shop; adapting to new trends and styles and balancing enormous market necessities.

Magento Speed Optimization

The dynamic website, professional features/tools (development) and precise site optimization may go senseless if a shop is not performing well – poor performance is responsible for this. In such instance, we would ensure that the store has better page loading speed; managing many tricks like accurate web hosting, smartly storing the attributes for products and product categories together CSS and JavaScript files – and several ways so as to achieve better website performance.

Magento Themes Development

Magento website’s dynamic themes (store layouts) are very popular. Although, we at Maven carry most customized Magento Theme Development – adapting to main business subject, displaying what you exactly want to convey to the viewers in forms of transparent and vibrant graphic. A large selection of affordable and professional Magento templates and themes. Browse themes by category and download stylish and dynamic templates for e-commerce. Provide joyful online shopping experience with suitable themes.

Magento Extension Development

As discussed above, Magento development service offers pretty perfect integration with customized Magento extension development. We evaluate one’s business as well as their pertinent needs and provide them with suitable modules. We are expert in providing modified online development solutions – including modified extensions for payment gateways, checkout process, product insertion, shipping method, product offers and much. Great surfing and shopping experience is highly ensured by us. Download and install largely trendy and styled Magento extensions and modules. Complete solutions for administration, checkout, customer service, promotion, product reviews, store enhancement, shopping discount, shipping and Reporting.

Magento Shopping Cart Module Solutions

Apart from superb functionalities that the Cart offers, it will also be very necessary that these functionalities are flexible and easy-in-use for users. Online shopping cart should be without any constraints; empowering customer’s shopping comfort. Our eCommerce Cart module management is fairly good. They are featured with innovative themes, multilingual support, various pricing features, checkout adaption, shipping facilities etc.

Online Store Migration to Magento

Certainly, the striving task in such era is to beat the competition. Competition weakens the efforts; and the efforts put through on poor internet platform is surely a commercial deficit. Maven suggests you a smart and scalable commercial source to run your business – and, it’s the “Magento”, doubtlessly with tens of thousands of online merchants broadly benefited from. We support migration from any other online platforms; securing an existing store with protected and fast database/design/functionality transfer; and most importantly, plotting you with largely saleable website – your own eCommerce Store!

Magento Hosting Solutions

Magento offers smarter eCommerce technology to create a flexible, efficient and scalable online shop. The store is very next to the physical store that would run one’s business successfully. One can’t afford accidental store shutdown or delays in database retrievals at the costs of visitor’s loss. The right website hosting is therefore a must; with a whole of Server Up-time Assurance and 24X7 support.

Ecommerce Store Management

Managing a web store is as important as making it; with lots of efforts and work needed to go along. Product management, inventory control, managing orders, payment network, checkout process, shipping options and much more to handle altogether – We provide tailor-made solutions that would suit to objectives; varying in demands that you would get from end users anytime. Precise customer service should be assured and that’s what we ensure delivering outstanding techniques within.

Hire Dedicated Magento Developers and Designers

Hire a well-experienced team of Magento Developers from right Magento Development Company. With their capability and creativity, they ensure outstanding Magento website development along with Magento customization. Cost-effectiveness is suitably made sure with uncompromised services. We make an eCommerce website dynamic, brilliant and highly salable – considering a ceaseless ongoing support to owners and a pleasing, yet the rewarding shopping experience to customers.

Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO-Approachable Website)

Maven conveys extremely practical ways of online branding – delivering higher visibility to the brands and products; that’s also across the globe, breaking all local barriers. From making your store an SEO-friendly to applying the cleverest online marketing strategies, we use the smartest and most successful marketing tools like Organic Search Engine Marketing, Social Media publishing, Paid Marketing Campaigns etc. – focusing on one’s organizational objectives.

Social Media Marketing (Branding Promotions)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a great technique to increase awareness of products and promote the business. It is mainly a group of many online sources, where people of different interest gather and share their topics; hence making it a hot place for product branding. Maven is simply an expert in leveraging them – applying the real and more efficient methods for generating better traffic on various online platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as resources for blogs, articles, videos and much.

Website Maintenance (Ongoing/Instant Magento Support)

Maven provides a punctual store maintenance– fulfilling sorts of all your needs the time you would want them; at reasonable prices and professional manner. We handle Magento site/plugin updates, version upgrade, website backup, prioritized requests, fixing the errors, adding new features/functions and just a never-ending list to make you worry-free but to engage you only at your core business!

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