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Dot Net team at Maven Infosoft has developed many extensions for Outlook with the SharePoint. This blog is for how to integrate Outlook with SharePoint Server.

Integration of Outlook with the SharePoint:

To use Outlook 2007 to view Share Point Server 2007 resources, we must connect the Share Point Server 2007 resources to Outlook 2007. The steps that described below uses a document library as an example but we can use these steps to connect other resources, including Calendar, Task List, Discussion Board, or Contact List.


Share Point Server 2007 permission carry over to Outlook 2007. For example, if you have permission to edit a document or list on a team site, you can also edit the document or list in Outlook 2007.

Steps to integrate Outlook with the Share Point:

  • On a SharePoint Server 2007 site, go to the Shared Documents Document Library. A link to this library should appear on the left navigation menu (Quick Launch).

Integration of Outlook

  • On the Action menu, click Connect to Outlook.

Integration of Outlook

  • In the Connect this SharePoint [Resource] to Outlook window, click yes.

Integration of Outlook

The Shared Documents library appears in a folder in the Mail pane, under the SharePoint Lists.


When you connect resources to Outlook 2007, the resources appear in their respective sections of the Outlook 2007 navigation pane. Calendars appear in the Calendar pane, under Other Calendars; Tasks appear in the Tasks pane, under Other Tasks; Contact Lists are similar to Document Libraries and appear in the Mail pane, under SharePoint Lists.

Send a Sharing Message:

If you have resources connected to Outlook 2007, you can share the connection with others through a Sharing Message.

  • In Outlook 2007, right-click the listing, and then click Share” [SharePoint resource].”

Integration of Outlook

  • In the message window, add recipients to the To line, type a message, and then click send.
  • Recipients click a link in the message to connect to the resource.


In order for recipients to access the shared resource, an owner of the resource must provide appropriate access permission.

Connect from a Sharing Message:

  • Open the Sharing Message in Outlook 2007.
  • In the Open group on the Outlook 2007 Ribbon, click Connect to this [SharePoint Resource].

Integration of Outlook

Edit Document Library Files in Outlook 2007

When we connected to the corporate network, changes you make to most resources in Outlook 2007(Calendar, Task List, Discussion Board and Contact List) are automatically updated on the SharePoint Server 2007 site.

  • In Outlook 2007, double-click a Document Library file to open it.
  • In the Opening File dialog box, click to Open.

Integration of Outlook

  • In the Message bar, at the top of the document, click Edit Offline. (The file opens as read-only until you click Edit Offline).

Integration of Outlook

  • In the Edit Offline dialog box, click Ok.
  • The file is stored on your computer, in your SharePoint Server 2007 Drafts folder.

  • Edit the file. When you have finished, save your changes and then close the file.
  • In the Edit Offline window, click Update.

Integration of Outlook


  • To ensure others do not make changes to the file while you are working on it, check it out in SharePoint Server 2007 before you being editing. Be sure to check it in when you have finished.
  • To find working copies of SharePoint Server 2007 documents that have not been updated to the SharePoint Server 2007 site, in the Outlook 2007 Mail pane, under SharePoint Lists, look in the SharePoint Drafts search folder.

Remove a Connected Document from Outlook 2007

When you have finished work on a SharePoint Server 2007 file, you can remove it from Outlook 2007. This keeps your SharePoint Server 2007 Lists folder organized and helps you focus on current needs.

  • In the SharePoint Lists folder, select the library or list from which you want to remove a file.
  • In the window to the right of the Mail navigation pane, select the file you want to remove. To select multiple files, hold down CTRL while you click file names.
  • Right-click the selected file and then click Remove Offline Copy.

Integration of Outlook

Delete a Resource from Outlook 2007

When you no longer need a resource, you can remove it from Outlook 2007. This keeps Outlook 2007 organized and helps you focus on current projects.

  • In the SharePoint Lists folder or in the respective sections for Calendars, Task Lists, and Contact Lists select the resource you want to remove.
  • Right-click the folder and then click Delete [Resource Name].

Integration of Outlook

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