Multi Level Marketing

Maven Infosoft’s MLM software is a comprehensive Multi Level Marketing application. This application allows for vital MLM operational information to be shared via the Internet or the web. Administrators can generate pins for different packages. The website owner and members can have rights to create new members by purchasing pins. Members can view their child nodes and their details using network chain, their earnings, profiles etc. with their credentials. This software describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts.

MLM software allows you to keep track of users, their details, vouchers etc. An administrator creates packages, package pins, rates etc. This software calculates vouchers according to criteria. It also generates Form 16, TDS etc. Reports have the facility to export into Microsoft Excel.

What does the MLM Application do?

  • The objective of MLM is to effectively drive your visitors’ attention to your posted blogs, advertisements, recruitment drives, and magazine.
  • It differentiates members and nonmembers and gives rights accordingly.
  • Shows the member chain below a particular user. Users can see the chain below themselves.
  • Unique pin numbers can be generated for each user.
  • Vouchers need not be calculated. They can be generated according to your requirement.
  • Hard copies of registration receipts, daily vouchers, monthly vouchers, Form 16, TDS reports etc. need not be printed.
  • All features appear on homepage.
  • Administrators can manage all features like enable/disable tabs from admin panel.
  • Administrators can send emails and keep records.
  • Manage features like upper banner, lower banner, news, blog posting, advertisement etc.
  • Government rates, other rates etc. can be easily changed.

Who can use MLM application?

  • Employers who want to hire job seekers
  • Organizations that want to advertise
  • Students or home workers can join an MLM Program.
  • The MLM Application has obvious and significant benefits for small businesses.