.Net Development


The .Net is a comprehensive framework that supports the runtime execution of applications both for desktop and web programming platforms on windows. Its broad class library comprises the powerful and unfailing codes; and added to this, it has the memory management system with relevant system facilities, which assists web developers to build the most stunning effective websites, components and ecommerce functionalities. Its quick and accurate integration with several programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, Visual F#, and C# from Microsoft has made it very popular to millions of web programmers all over the world. A big number of web developers and web merchants consider this framework as the most plausible & efficacious model for programming software & application, and at the same time for customers, it proves to be the most transparent way of communications with regard to their site experience.

Few Features .Net Offers:

  • An efficient & secure framework for building applications
  • An object-oriented programming system provides local code executions, at the same time supporting online distributions of codes simultaneously
  • Provides services like memory management, thread management etc.
  • A strong compatibility with various programming languages on Windows
  • Offers secure code execution with high performance, eliminating any chance of scripting problem
  • An easy downloading of features & tools and convenient functionalities
  • Makes websites and relevant applications both visually & functionally strong
  • A higher adaptability with various software versions, requiring minimum software deployment
  • Applications such as Graphical user interface (GUI) & Command-lines are flawlessly developed

Maven Infosoft’s (MIPL) .Net team of developers, designers & SEO provide online solutions for many leading enterprises such as ecommerce web shops, accounting software, corporate portals covering many features such as chat, mails, forums etc.

  • .Net Framework Configuration
  • .Net Desktop & Web Application Development
  • Customized .Net Extensions Development
  • Designing and Programming using .NET Framework (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET)
  • .Net Framework Testing Service
  • Developing Server-Side Services for Example Web Applications and Various Modules
  • Application Development in .NET Compact framework
  • Updating or modifying older versions
  • .Net Site Hosting Solutions
  • Hire Dedicated .Net Developers/Programmers (off-site)
  • Optimization Service (SEO friendly .Net programming)