eCommerce Solution for Europa Sports


eCommerce solution to sell health and sports nutrition and supplement products online with automatic feed from Europa sports – an authorized distributor for 345 product lines. You will get all products from Europa sports imported to this eCommerce solution and creating configurable products based on Europa Sports feed data.

Your Benefits:

Sell More…
Custom designed store to sell products from Europa Sports drop shipper. Focus on sale rather than managing own warehouse.
Save time…
Fully automated process to update stock changes, price changes, adding new products, removing discontinued products…
Extended price margin…
Define your own price margin above the price you get from Europa Sports. Use combination of category, vendor and price range to set your own custom margin and sell more…
Connect to other marketplaces…
Feed exporter to sell your products on market places and show them on price comparison sites. Define your own format and time to create / update feed with price and stock.
Stay informed
Get instant notification for all automated processes like, Price Update, Stock Update.
SEO friendly Store
Achieve Top Google ranking with SEO friendly store. Configuration based SEO management to get higher ranking.
Multi domain support
USE more than one domain name and run different stores with single backend administration.
Sell on mobile
Increase your customer base by targeting mobile commerce users using responsive or mobile theme.


  1. Import Europa Sports Product Information, Stock, Price
  2. Update Europa Sports Product Information, Stock, Price regularly
  3. Send Order Email to Europa Sports as per their structure
  4. Discontinue Products automatically
  5. 5. Comprehensive Configuration options, Field mapping
  6. Comprehensive Cron settings
  7. Email alert as per successful cron Europa Sports update
  8. Email alert on any error while updating Europa Sports product information
  9. General price-difference setting to add profit on price sent by Europa sports


  1. Change Europa password from admin Configuration panel as soon as you receive.
  2. Download price file from your Europa account every week to update your price.
  3. It is automate and manual both for your convenience. Hit “Add missing products” to add products and remove discontinued products.


How does this work out of the box?
Answer: You should have your Europa sports account. Europa provides FTP details along with this account. Once your configuration area is ready, you need to update FTP details to Admin sections. This will automatically download file from Europa FTP. As part of initial setup, there is a configuration page to map fields from Europa csv and system. It starts inserting products from CSV file. Along with that, nutrition values are taken from nutrition files. You can set your price margin and price will be updated as per the margin. Once initial setup completes, there are various corn settings available to set automatic daily updates.
Will it do the daily updates? New Products?
Answer: There are various corn settings available to set automatic daily updates. Europa provides daily updates in separate files. These files are downloaded by module and then updates inserted to DB. There is manual process to add new missing product from main Europa file.
Out of stock? Images? Image Paths? Etc.?
Answer: There are different warehouses in Europa to manage stock. If none of the warehouse shows stock in feed, it will become out-of-stock. About images while initial import or during the updates, images are downloaded to the system and shows as part of the system.
When a customer purchases products, what confirmation/invoice method will the user/Europa receive? (PDF, Email, HTML, Text, etc.) Is this method customizable? If PDF, can an appearance be modified as well?
Answer: Email will be sent to Europa. There is a configuration for this to send email to Europa. It is customizable.
Nutrition information?
Answer: Nutrition information will be added automatically during an import.
In addition to Europa & actual customer, how will my client also be notified when a purchase is made from their online store?
Answer: There is a configuration in Admin to receive email when order is placed in online store. Thus, when order is placed, Admin will receive an order copy by email to configured email address.

About Europa Sports Products

Based in Charlotte, NC, Europa Sports Products are recognized as an industry leader in the distribution of nutritional and sports supplements, sports drinks and accessories to mass market retailers, gyms, health food stores and specialty supplement retailers. Europa offers more than 6,000 products representing 300+ of the industry’s leading brands. With 336,500 sq. ft. of warehouse space in seven strategically located offices nationwide, Europa’s expedited delivery process allows customers to keep “Just in Time” inventory. Europa is setting the industry standard in quality, product assortment, customer service and satisfaction.