Relaunch of B2B Site for Large-Scale Manufacturer Prima Chemicals

Project Type: Web Design & Development

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Technology: Joomla Content Management System

About the Client:

Prima Chemicals is a top-notch manufacturer of highly-specialized, custom-ordered variants of pigments and solvent dyes, having applications for paint, wood coating, enamel, inks and printing. They have two different manufacturing units in the industrial area of Ahmedabad, India, with an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 1400 tons. Prima is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Pyrazolones.


With world-class production facilities, R&D and quality assurance procedures in place, the only aspect in which Prima Chemicals lagged was a respectable online presence to promote its services in the B2B marketplace. Its existing website was no more than a brochure on the internet, simply listing out the products. Further, they were also facing bottlenecks in communication due to an inefficient email server, which could not even bear the load of unsolicited inquiries.

So they contacted Maven Infosoft in mid-2011 with the goal of redesigning their website to showcase their full range of products, get more leads, increase B2B customer conversion rates and create a strong, memorable brand.

The Solution:

The analysts and designers at Maven Infosoft identified several problems with the existing website, such as inappropriate sections, unprofessional images and lack of marketing depth that prevented the creation of a strong and memorable brand. These issues needed immediate redressal.

The immediate challenge for Maven was to leverage the standing of Prima Chemicals as a company into a congruent solution for their website. We started with a powerful core design and layout that incorporated Prima’s logo and branding strategy. We used the client’s preferred colour—dark green (consistent with their primary product)—and set up corresponding imagery, logo and web elements, taking care nto to neglect clarity and usability in the process.

Maven Infosoft also provided a resilient hosting and email solution satisfying all the mailing and communication-intensive needs of the client.

Success: has been instrumental in gaining significant business benefits for the client, because the website has given them a definitive brand and professional image commensurate with their status as a large-scale manufacturer in the dyes and pigments industry. Prima Chemicals’ director Apurva Modi had this to say: “We experienced a doubling of inquiries and near-tripling of conversion rates in the three months following the launch of the revamped website, which I can directly attribute to the better user experience it provides.”

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