Video Marketing: Get Ready to Promote Your Business in 2016

Video marketing trend in 2016 is maturing with a huge market share, serving both B2B and B2C campaigns. This form of visual content is the most potential way of encouraging one’s purchase decisions as well as increasing their website involvement. At present, the personalized videos seem to have secured the visitors far more than other forms of content marketing strategies.

“Connect to the right user intent via the most exciting, engaging and meaningful videos.”


Why Spend Budget for Video Marketing?

Check out some facts on online videos. It will help you better understand the importance of video advertising.


Some mobile phone video viewers are expected to be 50% more to increase the traffic than any other content strategies.

For example,


The statistic is a huge anticipatory momentum for both eCommerce stores and service websites to use video marketing as their key lead generation trick in coming years. With an ever number of increasing mobile users, their willingness to consider the video content seems to be strongly emerging too.

Video Viewers Worldwide by Age Groups (1st quarter 2016)


Such data on video viewing penetration (amongst particular age groups) can drastically create great opportunities for businessmen/video marketers to make inspiring videos (based on different choices/demands/necessities) and target the age-specific audience.

Budget Spent for Video Marketing in the United States (2014 – 2016)


It is an amazing hike every year. Can you expect the pace the graph would yet grow in future with video marketing popularity?

“Overall, the video is forecast to account for 35% share of advertiser’s online display budgets in 2012, up from 27% this year. December 2011” – CMO Council

“Meanwhile, according to Break Media, advertisers increasing their video ad spend in the next year say the dollars will come not just from non-video display budgets (45%) and overall advertising budget growth (38%), but also from TV (32%) and print/outdoor (25%) budgets. December 2011.”

At the same time, “Video spending is high around 63% for B2B campaigns. Video on a service page can increase the conversion by 80%. The success with video marketing is experienced by 82% of B2B marketers”. – Vidyard

Powerful Video Marketing Strategies

Ensure the below steps be followed before you launch your video:

  • Determine the type of video content you make and the audience it is targeting.
  • Make high-level of stories to inspire the audience through all the steps used in your sales funnel.
  • Choose your best video distribution channel to pitch the right audience.
  • Keep measuring the video performance through the percent of viewer acquisitions, attention span, drop-off rates, click-through rates and sort of lead-generating metrics.

Making a purposeful video more likely considering the right user intent can surely convey your business goals.

A Quick Look at Top 3 Benefits of Video Marketing:

  1. Videos can convey more clear messages with intense feeling and better understanding to the readers than many words written.
  2. Videos explaining the service or products will more likely be remembered than any static form of ads display.
  3. Video marketing can increase the time that the users spend on a website to find relevant information or avail the service.

By adding videos on your website or any online branding platform, you can make your service more noticeable and therefore highly ranking in search engines too.


Video marketing has managed to secure its biggest market share to date. Now is your turn to ensure the right audience with the right video marketing strategy that can deliver the most personalized user experience as well as increase the sales.

So, how are you planning your video marketing strategy so far? Let us know in the comments. If you need any help or advice, contact our digital marketing experts. We’re more than happy to help.

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