Website Launch Announcement: MagentoCRUX ( Presented by Maven Infosoft

Maven Infosoft is excited to announce the launch of MagentoCRUX (, next generation provider of Magento solutions, a one-stop destination for Magento themes, templates, extensions, plug ins, support, requirement based development, store optimization, customized e-commerce solutions, SEO and store branding for online retailers.

MagentoCRUX goes straight to the crux of all solutions sought by online businesses, customers and developers alike. It offers a wide range of practically useful add-ons and fresh themes for your Magento website. These will be available for instant download and implementation, wasting no time in installation or configuration. MagentoCRUX boasts of an outstanding range of handy Magento extensions and templates that can never be duplicated by the hordes of me-too template websites.

MagentoCRUX offers rich content already and will constantly be updated with flexible, modular and Internet-transparent extensions and themes created by the powerhouse software development centre at Maven Infosoft. These will be available under different licensing options for single and multiple domain use. The site features FAQs, policies, industry conventions and support pages for ease of use and rapid integration to the benefit of customers and developers. Our aim is to enable you to glean the utmost advantage of major internet technologies and content management systems, which will be translated into business processes and ultimately profits.

MagentoCRUX will also offer expert services for Magento-based website design, development, hosting, installation, configuration, migration, upgrade, support, SEO, news releases, online press rooms, blog marketing, product forums, social media publicity and on-site IT staffing. We have a successful and verifiable track record in each one of these services. We specialize in online store design, development and management using both open-source and proprietary technologies.

MagentoCRUX provides real time support for the Magento. We can assign a skilled programmer or an entire team to development options ranging from single-issue bug fixing to full-fledged online store design. Our team of competent experts can diagnose and fix bugs in your Magento implementation within the hour as well as set up fully-functional web shops in three to six months.

MagentoCRUX helps web retailers optimize their online stores and convert visitors to customers by making effective use of e-commerce technology, reducing page load time, refining content, enhancing layouts, and reaching out to search engines effectively.

The links to our Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages will make it easy for visitors and clients to retrieve the latest content and information as and when it is updated.

We invite you to visit MagentoCRUX ( today!

About Magento Commerce:

Magento is the world’s most evolved e-commerce solution. It runs on the Apache/MySQL/PHP platform. From a single installation you can control multiple storefronts, all of which can share common layouts and customer and product information. Magento templates and themes enable you to customize the look and feel of your store for a smooth and effortless shopping experience. You can even optimize your store for mobile phones. Magento extensions enable you to connect to a large number of payment gateways and shipping services. Modular code enables you to upgrade your Magento installation for more features while retaining your existing customizations.

About Maven Infosoft:

Maven Infosoft is an established IT solutions company celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. We have quickly built a reputation for innovation, flexibility and service. MagentoCRUX is the result of the far-reaching efforts of experienced professionals in open-source design and development technology.

We have an extensive project record in software products, application development, web design, e-commerce and a range of IT services. We are the first choice in European markets for outsourcing web-based application development using Microsoft and LAMP technologies.

We have a hand-picked team of developers skilled in design, programming and testing. All projects are managed and executed to perfection at each stage of the software life cycle by a professional Project Management Office. Knowledgeable analysts and specialists work round the clock with cultural coordinators to ensure success in offshore/on-site projects. We have a zero down-time infrastructure in our development centre in Ahmedabad, India.

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