What is Your Comfort, WordPress or Drupal? And Why?

What gives you a better online recognition with suitable features, functionalities and additional plugins; WordPress or Drupal? A debate that does always take place is thoughtfully relied upon what you require and what will work better consistent with your online needs. An amiable development experience and better site performance is all that works.

Let’s understand – How WordPress and Drupal Differ from Each Other

WordPress is mainly a privileged CMS, especially used for blogging and other simple site contents (which it originally started with, gradually moving in its full-fledged functionalities) along with the large community serving it since long years. Small sized web pages made with WordPress have a reasonable amount of content block together with a smooth admin experience. Counter to it, Drupal is rather a complex system, suitable to handle usually the intricate websites and sorts of associated requirements.

WordPress is a better option from the User Interface (UI) point of view and Drupal works superiorly for architectural requirements, largely working with Application Programming Interface (API) objects.

WordPress is easier to deal with due to its simple usability, even enabling non-techies to operate it smoothly. While, Drupal attributed with its multifaceted development nature is relatively a convenient platform for technical experts. Drupal although being the difficult tool does possess powerful functionalities and require someone to take technical training to get adapted with.

WordPress is backed up by years’ of experience with more enhanced features being introduced in the market over a regular period of time. Drupal is also seeing much improved usability with a collection of big efforts being put through over administration panel and architectural buildups, breaking any of the barriers that it faced earlier.

WordPress and Drupal both offer more favorable customized plugins added to their by-default functionalities, well adapting with market requirements.

In brief,

“WordPress is an easy & quick platform for creating contents, requiring less technical expertise for one, being convenient in installation, operations and mainly popular for blogging sites”.


“Drupal is a high-level CMS with difficult setup and site operations that mainly handles complex websites with more technical designs, requiring one to have accurate technical skills to create it”.

Make sure, you wisely select either of them just keeping in mind your core necessities.

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