Improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care – these are imperatives in today’s “survival of the richest” healthcare industry. Transforming for tomorrow’s needs, however, begins with thinking beyond compliance in the midst of unprecedented regulation and reform. For payers and providers, the state of the industry presents a chance to harness new technologies: inject business intelligence, seamless communication and collaboration into the enterprise today – and drive outcomes in affordability, patient-centricity and preventive care for tomorrow.

Challenges & Opportunities

Rise of consumerism:
Fierce competition and evolving markets have paved the way for customer-centric business models, with an increased demand for personalized products and services, as well as increased product and pricing transparency. Going patient-centric will require greater IT integration to enable seamless communication and interaction between patients and providers.

Increased costs:
The industry is faced with addressing rising medical and operational costs, while also enhancing efficiency and quality. With IT solutions, enterprises can minimize errors and redundant diagnostic tests and treatments, while ensuring better healthcare delivery through patient data analytics, evidence-based medication and paperless transactions.

Going digital:
Digitized medical data is driving the next wave of insight-driven healthcare and enabling a future of patient-centered care models. Making the most of digital investments over the long term is complex—and has implications for the entire healthcare community.

Preventive care:

With the shift from cure to prevention, consumers are investing in wellness and seeking healthy lifestyles. To capitalize on this shift, insurers and providers are offering programs that support wellness, prevention, and early detection. Social media presents a platform to promote this agenda, while bioinformatics and analytics can play a key role in improving prevention statistics.

Connecting the Health Universe:

Health organizations are investing in healthcare IT as a means toward transformation. But implementing and leveraging healthcare IT in its broader context is what will truly transform healthcare. To deliver new value by improving health outcomes, organizations must look past standalone systems and find more ways to connect fragmented healthcare ecosystems. This enables unprecedented capabilities to provide the right care at the right time for a whole new breed of healthcare. In addition, when organizations realize new transparencies around cost and quality, they can reduce fraud and abuse.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

Delivering evidence-based medicine and rethinking care management are essential to this goal. By using clinical data in new ways – collecting, analyzing, aggregating and sharing health information – organizations can turn insights into action. It’s about making better decisions faster and improving patient safety while containing the spiraling cost of care. Maven Infosoft uses data insights to help reduce healthcare costs connects the healthcare community and consumers in exciting ways, despite key challenges to success.

We arm your enterprise with the strategic thinking to effectively respond no matter what directions the healthcare industry’s evolution takes. Our deep industry expertise and experience across the healthcare ecosystem enables healthcare organizations to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities by improving processes, creating efficiencies and unlocking innovation.

Segments We Serve

Regulatory agencies want higher levels of service and quality with lower costs. Healthcare consumers demand the same, with generational divisions about how they want to interact with their service providers. Delivering higher quality and better service coupled with cost containment calls for reinvention and transformation. That’s what Maven will help you achieve.

From business process improvements to full managed care implementations to modernizing legacy equipment and complying with new regulations, we help you streamline, adapt and innovate.

Healthcare providers
We enable you to focus on your core mission to deliver the highest quality of care by making your operations more effective and efficient, while enabling clinical transformation through innovative new processes and services. From physician groups and community hospitals to academic medical centers, healthcare providers have opportunities to deliver better healthcare. Taking advantage of new technologies and using innovative care delivery models, healthcare providers can use knowledge in new ways to deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

Government and public health programs
Our comprehensive managed services enable you to serve larger member populations than ever, delivering a high level of service with minimal capital investment and reduced fixed operating costs. Public health organizations the world over share a common goal—improving patient care, efficiency and safety while lowering healthcare costs. In today’s era of widespread healthcare reform, many of these agencies are leading the way toward significant change. Yet public health organizations must move ahead in the face of legislative and regulatory mandates, scarce resources, new technologies and changing patient safety access and privacy needs.

Pharmacy benefit managers
We help you deliver higher levels of service; integrate retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacy operations; mine data for business intelligence metrics and more with our field-proven services and solutions.