MagentoCRUX’s iVeri Payment Gateway Module – Offering Latest, Safest and Fastest Integration

MagentoCRUX – a premier Magento expert presents the most integrated payment extension for iVeri payment gateway dealing with many banks in South Africa. Such iVeri Magento payment module is well said to be the safest and quickest linkup working very closely with iVeri platform; going through authorization and therefore closing the payments on merchant’s side – our iVeri Payment Extension is now being presented with all its latest integration with Community Magento versions accessible to date and adequate configurations of various banks associated with iVeri Payment Gateway.


An iVeri payment gateway is said to be an only online payment module accessible for eCommerce stores in South Africa dealing in ZAR, South African Currency. This extension supports South Africa’s various leading banks such as Nedbank, Namibia, CBZ Bank Zimbabwe and I&M Bank Kenya, handling online shopping performed through credit cards – including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and others.

How does an iVeri Payment Extension work?

On an eCommerce store with such module – the credit card details inserted by the customers are going to be directly verified by iVeri. In return, it will process the credit card for the transaction, getting back to an online store (letting them know if to proceed or not with product orders, depending upon the credit card status). Payment is achieved through almost all credit cards globally. The iVeri Payment Gateway has just kept on getting in many banks or financial institutions for e-stores and is yet going ahead with more to get tied up.

How would it benefit?

The iVeri Payment Method Extension is the most protected payment interface with monetary transactions performed online

All the payment settings provided are merely from iVeri, thus making the transactions the most protected

Module installation is easy and less time consuming

Offers an immediate confirmation of transaction and payment

In the lead, an iVeri gateway is a solid means of online transactions (with million dollar worth) across an entire Africa – additionally being the safest payment gateway

The Module is truly a highly intergraded, richly safe and swiftly acted payment process; dealing with iVeri Payment Gateway and thereby the concerning banks; all at your eCommerce store – bringing you the great financial relief ever!

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