Logistics & Distribution

While the developing global economy offers enormous growth potential for the freight and logistics industry players, it also brings more intricate supply chains, higher costs and tighter regulatory demands. We help freight and logistics companies integrate acquisitions, create value-added functionality and reduce aging financial and operating systems’ maintenance costs while mitigating the risks of unlocking complex legacy systems.

Today, Maven Infosoft brings together global capabilities and industry expertise that not only help clients in delivering the goods, but also add value every step of the way. Our clients leverage our suite of solutions and services for varied needs across the entire logistics and transportation spectrum — whether it’s effective application knowledge management, improving visibility into shipments or re-engineering their business applications.

Challenges & Opportunities

Slow economic recovery and rising costs:
Agreed, the worst of the economic slowdown is over; but companies are still grappling with reduced demand and ever-increasing fuel prices. Many carriers sold their equipment during the slowdown. When the economy gets healthy and stays there, capacity could be an issue — is there enough fleet strength to hit the roads?

Emerging markets:
With 80% of the world’s population — and rising — in emerging economies, a truckload of potential awaits by expanding to new geographies. But for overcoming infrastructure issues and network roadblocks to get huge volumes of cargo to the right place at the right time, enterprises need re-engineering of business processes and technology platforms.

A hyper-competitive landscape:
When the margin for error is narrow and customer loyalties shift unexpectedly, understanding the competition inside-out can help you stay ahead. It’s much easier to compete to win, when you play to your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses. A strategic market plan, augmented with business intelligence and mobility systems and solutions can aid boardroom decisions and frontline operations.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

We blend our expertise in consulting, technology and sourcing to help our clients solve complex business challenges and unlock their value levers by creating outcomes in 3 key areas: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations. Maven serves as a trusted transformation partner in large and complex programs like package implementation and infrastructure modernization. We deploy domain assets to lead the way, process & program accelerators to fast-track the engagement, and business value-focused methodologies to make business benefits visible to multiple stakeholders.

Segments We Serve

We improve core operations efficiency in transportation and logistics organizations through maintenance of IT applications, and minimize inefficiencies with the implementation of process improvement solutions. Maven provides significant value through innovation — we deliver solutions in emerging areas such as asset optimization and mobility, helping enterprises improve visibility and reduce costs.

Air Cargo
Air cargo organizations face many challenges—a bumpy economy; technology systems putting strain on operations; and the pressure to provide reliable and consistent services that meet the needs of customers. We combine our industry experience and know-how with practical product solutions to help air cargo organizations achieve high performance.

Freight Rail
Today, freight rail companies target their investments to increase competitiveness, meet the growing demand for freight services and the higher expectations for more efficient and responsive service. Maven Infosoft uses its knowledge of the freight rail industry and business processes, combined with our service expertise and insights, to help our clients deliver high performance.

Ocean Freight
Container shipping companies feel the heat to become profitable and competitive in the market. Maven brings a powerful combination of proprietary freight and logistics software and end-to-end services that help ocean transportation organizations achieve high performance.