Maven develops Media & Multi Level Marketing site with Advertising & Community modules

Project Type: Web Development, Data Management, Online Community Building

Industry: News, Multi Level Marketing, Community

Technology: ASP.NET

About the Client:

Aajivika Weekly is, on the face of it, a weekly magazine for the readers of Surendranagar District of the Gujarat State of India. However, it is not just a local magazine. It is the voice of the entire community. Aajivika Weekly mixes news, networking and business in a seamless cultural and online presence.


The CIO of Aajivika approached Maven Infosoft with a long list of requirements. He wanted a focused and dynamic microsite for the complex range of services that they provided. The client emphasized on easy content updation, a way to capture inquiries and leads, and a clear path to conversion. They wanted data warehousing and mining capabilities integrated into their web application.

Further, the client wanted to address a large and varied demographic audience as well to sell online and print advertising space. They also wanted to provide free services like job placement for the community.

One of the primary aims of Aajivika Weekly was to capitalize on its strong influence on the community to start and grow a Multi Level Marketing business by selling various products and services across its geographical area of influence. Maven Infosoft was asked and able to develop various bespoke web application modules that facilitated user sign on, lead generation and sales. - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft

The Solution:

Maven Infosoft overcame the mountaineous task at hand to combine the multi-faceted requirements of the site, namely, building the community, publishing news content in various document formats, integrating advertising and lead capturing.

Maven Infosoft incorporated ads and advertising forms and contracts without cluttering up the site with banners or ill-positioned images. We drastically changed the colour combination to bring up the weekly to the aesthetic standards of reputed international magazines, all the while providing powerful content management capabilities and strong under-the-hood programming. We implemented a number of user tools, modules and access privileges based on magazine subscription and web-only registration. - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft


All aspects of remained consistent with the Aajivika image and Maven Infosoft further refined the website so that it became more pleasing to their completely non-technical user base. We worked closely with the CEO and her teams to create a portal where visitors can stay informed on local happenings, share society news, learn about local businesses, and be part of a vibrant, business-minded community. The client themselves continue to succeed in building and growing a multi level marketing business. Moreover, they have seen a three-fold rise in advertising inquiries. - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft - Designed, Developed & Maintained by Maven Infosoft

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