Maven Infosoft Uncovers a Clever CMS Website for a Caring Maternity Home – The Sheth Hospital

Project Type: Web Design & Development

Industry: Pregnancy Care, Woman Health (Gynecology and Obstetrics)

Technology: WordPress Content Management System

“The website speaks everything it aimed to the client groups, targeted into the market. Sheth Hospital has successfully brought a knowledge & insight on pregnancy issues and treatments for pregnant women. It also has much more useful information for health- and reproduction-related problems associated with adolescent (adult) girls to women at their late age”, Maven Infosoft (MIPL) announces.

The recently re-introduced website of Sheth Hospital is

Client’s Points of View On – Benefit of Their Web Presence

Sheth Hospital – A Pregnancy Care Clinic and Woman Healthcare Centre – is an elite medical facility that caters to its patients with great care, all within modern premises with the latest industry-grade equipments & technology.

Maven Infosoft says, “The website now is able to reach more viewers, since a number of people (on internet) are now seeing and reading what it has to offer. In addition to their knowledge perspective, it also gives basic tips on regularly happening physical and gynecological solutions that girls or women, from their various spans of life, find much more beneficial to rule out relevant problems”.

“The Website, being informative to their online visitors, has succeeded in achieving a huge cluster of customers, visiting their hospital. They have increased their local business and are expecting more to come in future yet”.

Pregnant women have ranked the Hospital as the ‘Highest Caring and Modernized Maternity Care Centre’ – A success and satisfaction is well complemented with each other and is entirely attributed to a newer look and smarter feel, it now holds!

Their Web Urgency – Met By Us

Maven Infosoft’s team of Website Designers and Developers has immensely met their objectives, comprehending well their senses & requirements in full. The website, in its urgency to be as informative as possible in a user-friendly manner, was our great challenge, and we thoroughly feel we have delivered their tenacity in a way required.

Our attempt was completely focused on leading their business in much expanded ways, expecting more people to know services/treatments, offered by them. We have used strong branding strategies from the Search Engines’ approaches, at the same time putting the end-user in center through provided knowledge. Classy images used in, on-page navigations, blogs, additional features are accurate and educational.

We have also provided a durable hosting with all satisfying facilities from the client’s intensive perspectives!

Maven Infosoft – About Us

Maven Infosoft, throughout its long operational walk, has dealt with optimum client groups locally (India) and internationally. Fascinating IT challenges largely attract us to go in depth of any issue and find out reliable solutions.

Our field proficiency includes simpler-to-complex web design, development through the most leading technologies such as .Net, PHP, Magento, WordPress etc. We specialize in customization of our customer’s needs, related to their site tendency. Their choices on their website are taken care with great care.

Solutions through CMS (Content Management System) such as Magento Ecommerce and WordPress Features are widely sought out. Our projects have extensively executed a range of mobile apps, a necessity of today’s digital era.

Our online branding tactics (Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization etc.) ensure that our client’s online promotion and product awareness are properly assured. We greatly take care of our client’s informative and promotive lookouts from the perspectives of end-users and an organizational sale respectively!

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