Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry today is facing major challenges in the form of patent expiry, shift to Biotech, changing government regulations, increasing competition from generics, shift in product demand from developed nations to emerging markets and increasing focus on patient centricity. With increasing M&As in the industry, there is an urgent need for the companies with disparate systems to have synergies and speak the same language. The industry is now looking at new business models and solutions that will deliver superior business outcomes while at the same time optimize costs, reduce time to market for a drug and meet the regulatory requirements.

As the industry responds to a changing and challenging market environment, we work with pharmaceutical companies to move from issues to outcomes through a broad spectrum of management consulting services that can help drive growth, cost and operational excellence, and competitive differentiation. Combining hands-on industry experience with strong business research and understanding, the focus is putting insights and innovation into action to help organizations achieve high performance.

Challenges & Opportunities

Greater customer-centricity:
Patients now have a higher stake in health management decisions and treatment regimes. They don’t just want drugs — they want health solutions. Expectations are rising — more adherence and compliance support for complex and chronic treatments, less cost and better outcomes.

Shifting sales and marketing paradigms:
Changing customer demographics, the Web 2.0 revolution, and the omniscient Internet and mobility are transforming commercial operations, customer interactions and collaboration. Technology solutions can aid enterprises in making their digital shift seamless, and deliver results with a mix of analytics, cross-channel interaction and customized messaging.

Global regulation and compliance:
Enterprises are facing increasing government intervention in healthcare and higher scrutiny of safety, comparative effectiveness, ethics, and quality. Navigating and managing the regulatory and compliance patchwork across the globe is now a business-critical issue, which calls for robust IT frameworks that improve compliance at lower cost.

How Maven Infosoft Delivers Business Value

We partner with you to apply time-tested strategies and next-generation solutions that optimize how you work across the value chain. Maven can help you enhance drug safety by implementing tools and processes for proactive surveillance, uniformity and consistency across pharmacovigilance processes. We enable life sciences clients improve their supply chain for example by working with suppliers and customers in new regions and emerging markets, or by readjusting capacity to handle new types of products or by diversifying channels to ensure that essential products reach the market at speed.

Life sciences companies have to transform their sales and marketing functions to meet customer demands. Maven works with life sciences companies to create and operate more efficient, effective sales and marketing models that optimize all channels and rapidly flex to meet changing customer needs around the globe. These new models can help life sciences companies significantly reduce costs, increase sales and marketing capabilities and drive revenue.

Segments We Serve

Strong, centralized, scalable and high quality software delivery capability coupled with domain knowledge helps Maven provide innovative solutions which enable our partners to produce products faster and at lower costs. Our gamut of services and solutions covers the entire life sciences value chain from corporate to back office operations.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech
To achieve high performance, biopharmaceutical companies will need to develop distinctive and significantly improved capabilities in strategic deal making, competitive positioning, analytics, and digital and multichannel interfaces. Maven Infosoft works with clients to drive bold growth by differentiating in targeted areas, expanding into adjacent sectors, striking the right partnerships and transforming business models to ultimately reduce costs and improve customer interactions.

Medical Devices
We enable medical technology companies increase efficiency, lower costs, become more compliant and enhance competitive differentiation, enabling them to drive measurable value and deliver improved health outcomes for patients. We offer a broad range of services including post-merger integration, emerging market strategy and execution, supply chain management, pricing and contract management. Maven can help you solve challenges across clinical development and production, through compliance management, sales and marketing analytics and logistics/field service.

Research and Development
Our dedicated professionals help drive productivity, optimize success rates and improve quality and value by transforming R&D and making the most of innovation to bring life-enhancing medicines to patients. Our team combines extensive consulting, technology and outsourcing capabilities with skills in discovery, preclinical, clinical and regulatory/safety sciences, pharmacovigilance and medical affairs for a unique, end-to-end approach to help our clients operationalize innovation.