Tips on Basic Android App Development Process – ‘Must to See’ For Fresh Android App Developers

Essentially, the Mobile Application Development process refers to a set of technical phases, which are mainly required to make the applications that would then run on various compact devices such as smartphones, tablets and other hand-held digital devices. The mobile apps may either be readily available on the phone (natively) or be downloaded from many application platforms that offer such services through many distributing application stores. Mobile application developers have to make sure that the mobile apps they develop should certainly be able to suit to various sizes of screens on devices accessible over the market. Any mobile app is developed through different operating systems that may be Android, iOS (for iPhone, iPad), Windows or any other hi-tech platform, comprehending certain functional needs, yielded by distinct field environment.


What is Android?

Android – the Sturdiest Mobile Operating System like any other leading mobile app maker – is mainly derived from Linux Kernel. Initially Android, being created by Android Inc., was financially supported by the Google and later years the Google had entirely acquired it through unveiling many great technical enhancements. Technically, Android is quite feasible for touchscreen devices as it purely gives such a smooth touch feeling to everyday-life mobile actions such as swiping, tapping and using various screen functions. The developers would greatly require making a right blend of their developing skills with all possible techniques & creativity they have potentially hidden within them.

Nonetheless, with a dawn of mobile era being so swiftly & largely emerging over the world, the Android mobile app developer now must be as capable & competent as possible to cater to all possible end users’ needs.

Basic Android App Development Steps:

Clear & Positive Conception

It is highly advisable for all Android mobile app developers – before plotting out the app development stage and other necessities – they should favorably go for all the possible fundamental logics and artistic features to meet the client’s requirements, at the same time catering to the basic and common feel & comfort aspects for the end users to grab.

Prototyping Expertise

Now with each & every elementary facet being precisely grasped, the next step is to go forward with a dynamic Android Mob App layout. Prototype the app design according to the theme & concept required by the client, so that it could deliver the first graphical impression as beautiful as possible to end users. Make sure the layout you are outlining would well complement to the screen sizes of various device platforms accordingly.

Realistic Android Development

However, your platform is now ready for your principal android development. Any mobile project within its entirety needs to be developed so efficient & debuggable. An app should be developed quite user interface approachable along with an error-free handling strength of user inputs.

Initiate your Android App development platform:

Download an Android SDK from

The Android SDK consists of the Application Programming Interface (API) libraries and other development tools that help the Android developers to build and test the apps precisely. A facility called debugging also makes sure that there are no other coding errors left before you actually run your apps and see it live. SDK largely provides all Android Phone/Tablet-Compatible APIs.

Herein, you have an option of installing the ADT Bundle (Android Development Tools), which has already included the necessary plugins, tools & platforms that the Android Developer would require.

ADT Bundle actually covers all elemental Android SDK components along with the latest version of the Eclipse IDE embedded within the ADT Plugins. Furthermore, it contains the essential and modern Android platforms and Android emulator system image.

ADT Plugin: Android’s plugin for Eclipse IDE; it offers the developers the most unified, commanding programming nature for Android App Development. It actually furthers the ability of Eclipse to develop an app user interface, enhance packages and debug the app entirely developed by you. Make sure you have the latest versions of Eclipse IDE & Android SDK available with you.

The latest Android system image enables the developers to run their application in emulator according to the updated Android OS version.

AVD Manager: Very importantly, the AVD Manager offers the graphical UI, where the developer can produce and manage Android Virtual Device to virtually check how an app would look like, rather than requiring any physical devices to check your app before an actual deployment on different devices. It purely allows a mockup test for your app for various Android-driven devices.

Ready to Go Deployed Over Android-Powered Devices

Before we truly have your app going over any mobile-compatible device, it is necessary that you debug (run) the app to confirm whether it is successfully running or creating any real errors. In case of any error generation, simply debug the entire code systematic, check whether an app is stuck at some development phases and if found any, then fix it out.

An App is now fully developed. On being the application now successfully run, a generated APK is found located in a source folder of specific projects within “bin” folder. Finally, the APK is now ready for your device (e.g. individual mobile or tablet use).

To have your Android Mobile App up onto the “Android Play Store”, you must follow the following steps:

  • Right click on your project name in Eclipse
  • Select an option “Export” to retrieve an Android project
  • Browse your Project (that usually becomes readily available)
  • Generate your Key Store (must remember the password for updating the same app in future)
  • Select your preferred location (APK path) to upload your APK to the Android Play Store

Now registering with the Play Google Store ( ) & simply submitting your APK over there, you will then be able to see your App on an “Android Play Store” within a short timeframe to reach towards the viewers, ever in unique ways over there!

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